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CISMA2021, what do apparel companies care most about?

August 30, 2021

As the world's most influential sewing machinery professional exhibition with the widest product coverage, CISMA2021 will focus more on the "intelligence" empowerment of the entire sewing industry chain with the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing" Application as a carrier creates an equipment dividend platform to help the transformation and upgrading of downstream industries. Because of this, more and more downstream equipment user companies are paying more and more attention to CISMA. As the organizer of CISMA, the China Sewing Machinery Association further strengthens the coordination of the industrial chain, directly connecting with the China Garment Association and some key clothing companies, and accurately understanding their needs for sewing equipment.


Sewing equipment provides "strong support" for the clothing and fashion powerhouse


Chen Dapeng, Chairman of the China Garment Association, pointed out that the accelerated application of digital technology, network technology, big data and artificial intelligence in creative design, product development, production, management, marketing and services is driving the transition from “Made in China” to “Made in China” . In accordance with the principles of manual-to-machine, single-machine-to-unit, machine-to-automatic and intelligent, sewing equipment has achieved substantial technological upgrades and product innovation applications, providing strong support and promotion for the development of intelligent manufacturing for apparel companies.


In an interview, President Chen Dapeng said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, under the background of the world's unprecedented changes in a century and the new pattern of China's economic development, an industrial revolution with innovation and change as the core theme is being fully carried out in the apparel industry. , The construction of a fashion power in my country's apparel industry is on a new agenda. "Under the new development pattern and form, China's apparel industry presents five major characteristics: First, the industrial structure has been adjusted rapidly, and synergy effects have become increasingly obvious; Competitiveness has increased significantly; fourth, new market species are emerging day by day, and business model iterations are accelerating; fifth, sustainable development continues to be exerted, and the image of a responsible power is becoming more prominent."


At the level of coordinated development of clothing and sewing equipment during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, President Chen Dapeng suggested that the digital and intelligent development of clothing will be based on the basic realization of process automation, and pay more attention to the integration and application of whole-process intelligent technology, and move towards partial intelligence. Automated and intelligent manufacturing is striding forward. In this process, it is recommended that sewing equipment companies should first have closer coordination with clothing companies, have a deep understanding of corporate needs and technical pain points, and conduct targeted and effective research and development; secondly, they should pay special attention to artificial intelligence and robotics-related technologies. Application, realize intelligent functions on the basis of stand-alone automation, and continuously iterate to realize the intelligent workshop or factory of "human + robot + intelligent machine" collaborative work; at the same time, attention should be paid to the matching of sewing equipment innovation and clothing process reengineering, equipment function efficiency and Issues such as cost-effective adaptation, equipment data collection and information interaction capabilities.


On-site viewing of the exhibition, clothing companies hope to be "targeted"


"CISMA is the world's most influential, widest, and most professional sewing equipment exhibition. The clothing industry and enterprises pay great attention to and look forward to the biennial CISMA." Chairman Chen Dapeng believes that from the perspective of leading and promoting the development of the apparel industry, we pay more attention to technologies and products with breakthrough innovation and substantial cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. Specifically, one is technologies and products with intelligent functions that are in line with the development direction of the industry; the other is sewing units, complete sets of equipment and modular production systems at the process level; The overall intelligent results and technical solutions of the development of intelligent transformation.


Li Haitao, deputy director of the equipment support department and director of the research office of Jihua 3502 Occupational Wear Co., Ltd., said that Jihua Group, as an old military industry enterprise, involves a wide range of products, including knitting, woven, high-strength fiber and other equipment, and the current demand is relatively concentrated. The products are the cutting of high-strength and high-modulus fiber cloth, the intelligent transmission of clothing production, the intelligent sewing unit and the intelligent ironing packaging equipment, especially the intelligent parting, sorting system and product three-dimensional that are suitable for mass customization of professional wear Intelligent storage system. Particular attention is paid to the professional and intelligent sewing equipment suitable for the production of professional clothing, especially military uniforms, especially the upgrading of button sewing machines with handles for military uniforms and railway clothing industries. At the same time, digital and intelligent factory construction software and hardware technologies are also the focus of this exhibition.


Zhang Runming, chief engineer of Guangdong Esquel Textile Co., Ltd., has more detailed and clear focus on the exhibition: firstly, cost-effective clothing equipment and unmanned automatic sewing units that can reduce the labor intensity and skill requirements of operators; secondly It is a smart flexible garment making equipment that can adapt to different fabrics, quick change of style, one-key code change, easy operation, as well as multifunctional sewing machines and functional devices; third, I hope to understand the overall solution of the whole process, such as virtual clothes 3D design, Internet technology, advanced logistics systems, robotics and vision technology applications, etc. He also specifically mentioned that he would look for error-proofing solutions at the exhibition for further understanding.


Chai Haojie, Manager of Equipment Department of Youngor Group Co., Ltd., said that the main purpose of visiting the exhibition is to understand the latest technological developments and new directions of performance applications in the global industry. At the same time, he put forward higher requirements for the cooperation between sewing machine companies and clothing companies. "At present, China has entered the world of sewing machine powers and needs to shoulder the responsibility of leading the development of the industry, especially in technological innovation. Youngor Intelligent Manufacturing Research The institute has cooperated with many sewing machine companies in recent years. The more prominent problem is that sewing companies have not done enough research on garment production technology. This level needs to be continuously strengthened in the future."


Different from large-scale clothing companies, the goal of small and micro clothing companies to visit CISMA2021 is more directed towards the needs of stand-alone equipment. At present, the difficulty in recruiting has become the biggest pain point that plagues small and micro clothing companies, and the demand for equipment automation for first-line sewing workers is increasing day by day. According to the information collected from garment enterprises in Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu, etc., they are more concerned about the automation of flat wrapping and other stand-alone equipment. The demand points are mainly concentrated in relatively complex process automatic sewing, fabric transfer adaptability, and equipment Stability, after-sales supporting services and other details. It is worth noting that price is still a key consideration for this type of user when updating and purchasing equipment.


As a non-negligible part of domestic clothing production, the judicial and prison system's demand for sewing equipment has also shown a continuous increase in volume in recent years. Based on the interviews with relevant departments in Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui and other provinces, this type of enterprise's exhibition goals and equipment requirements for CISMA are mainly focused on quality stability, de-skilled proficiency, convenient operation and easy-to-use aspects. Equipment interest is high, hope to have more understanding. In addition, the compatibility of the equipment's control system, software system and its own security system is listed as the first option.


CISMA2021, the curtain opens, and the whole sewing industry chain is synergistic and win-win


As the only exhibition in the world that can fully display the scene of smart sewing factories, Chen Ji, Secretary-General of China Sewing Machinery Association, said that since 2015, CISMA has always been adhering to the role of leading the industry development and guiding the sewing machinery industry to focus on intelligence. . Driven by CISMA, sewing equipment companies have continued to explore and accumulate in recent years, and have achieved phased results:


In response to the different needs of different levels of clothing companies for equipment, CISMA will provide personalized solutions that tend to be customized: whether it is the whole plant planning of a smart sewing factory, or the intelligent collaboration of production lines and workshops, and the automation upgrade of a single process . CISMA2021, the technical feast of sewing machinery is about to open grandly. It is waiting for the majority of user companies in the garment and sewing industry chain to come to the scene to verify and experience, and to reach a seamless supply and demand connection with more than a thousand sewing companies.


Chen Ji said, “Through industry technology and innovation, the entire sewing industry chain will be empowered to achieve industrial upgrading, which will accurately and effectively meet the actual needs of downstream cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, digital transformation, production line automation, and quality assurance. Technological innovation empowers equipment dividends, boosts the manufacturing service capabilities of the sewing and downstream textile and apparel industries, and greatly improves world competitiveness, so as to achieve a win-win situation for the entire sewing industry chain and make positive contributions to the development strategy of China's manufacturing power."


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