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Hikari HX8V redefines the tension width of clip device

December 08, 2021

How to make the clothes more smooth after sewing? How to make the stitching more beautiful?


Hikari ultimate pursuit the above technology, and show out on the model of HX8V perfectly: redefine the tension width of clip device.


In fact, regarding the different cloth thickness and different cloth material, workers adjust the tension of thread.High-speed needles  constantly test the tension fit between cloth and thread. Thread broken, thread jumped and cloth curling will be hard to prevent.


In order to achieve exactly adjustment, it need adjust the control of clip thread device.


Regarding thousands of technology test, Hikari get important discover on thread clip device application.


Using HX8V: same thread and different cloth only adjust clip device one time, it will keeping high-speed running and will improve efficiency.

Hikari unique technology could make the clip tension more wider than before, settle curling problem and improve efficiency.

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